5 Great Uses of a Kids’ Easel

While looking for toys for children, it’s a good idea to look for something that will encourage their creative side. A baby easel is one of such things that can motivate your child to draw, paint and more.

Your child can use an easel with crayons, paints and markers. They are available as magnetic, whiteboard and chalk finishes too.

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Baby easels can inspire great fun while helping your baby reach essential childhood milestones. Here is some useful information about kids’ easels and their great benefits.

What is an Easel?

Put it simply, an easel is a surface to be positioned vertically on a stand for art activities. Most of the times, they are double-sided and have an A-frame triangular shape.

There are even the best kids easels at Step2 Direct that have built-in storage and also a space to display the artwork.

Kids’ easels can be made out of plastic or wood. The artwork surface may be made for using with non-paint tools such as chalk, magnets or dry erase markers.

Image Courtesy: step2direct.com.au

Benefits of Easels for Babies

If you teach your child properly to use an easel, it can be much more than just a good pastime for your baby. What’s more, it’s actually beneficial for your child to use an easel.

Here are certain prominent benefits of easels for your child.

1. Ease of Use

Rather than keeping the paper on the floor and drawing and painting on it can be much uncomfortable after a while for children.

In that case, an easel presents an easy way to create an artwork. What’s more, the child can roam around the house and come back to the artwork to start it again with a refreshed mind.

So, your child may love to use easel rather than sitting down with a paper and paints for creating the artwork.

2. Facilitates a Variety Activities

If your child easily gets bored, an easel can be great for her to conduct a variety of activities.

Thus, one day, she can create an artwork with watercolours, while can use crayons the next day and tempera paint on still next.

Thus, an easel can provide a variety of activities to your child and prevent boredom.

3. Exploration of Colours and Sensory Play

Let your child use finger paints and watch him learn how paints can mix and change. Simultaneously, he can learn about the texture.

This type of sensory play helps in cognitive development.

4. Development of Muscular Control and Fine Motor Skills

Art creation with an easel can help build muscular control and early fine motor skills. They are important for handwriting.

5. Development of Confidence

There are numerous things involved in creating a piece of art. Everything including selecting colours, medium, subject and the story behind it makes your baby to make choices.

Finally the successful implementation of these choices makes your baby confident in her ability to choose right.

You can buy toddler water table at Step2 Direct and many other toys that can help children make choices, take decisions and finally create something meaningful.

It’s important to develop a love for art in your child and a baby easel can do that very well. So, when are you planning to buy one?

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