Four Awesome Features to Look Out for When Buying a UTV

Buying a utility vehicle (UTV) or side by side can be daunting. You have to choose from a wide variety of brands, sizes, features, and engine types. You want to end up with a vehicle that has all the features you need that can handle both work and play. This post talks about the most popular features in top utility vehicles on the market these days. Before you head to the market to buy a UTV, below are some features you might want to look out for:

Four Wheel Drive

Did you know that not all models are equipped with 4WD? If you are looking to tackle tough terrain in your side by side, make sure to have the extra traction from four-wheel drive. You will find this feature especially useful when you have to frequently deal with mud, snow, or ice. You must pick a cote a cote with a four-wheel-drive if you will be using it for doing work-related tasks such as hauling supplies.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A GPS is a must-feature especially if you are planning to take the UTV out on outdoor adventures to make sure you don’t get lost. Although nearly all smartphones come with GPS, your vehicle’s GPS will ensure you will know where to go even if the battery of your phone dies while you are out in the woods. The LCD display on your UTV’s dashboard will make sure you can find your way home.

Electronic Bed Dumping

This is an important feature if you want to use it for hauling and dumping supplies or debris on a work site. With the electronic bed dump, you don’t have to unload the bed by hand. You just need to back up to the dumping site and push the button.

Enclosed Cab

This feature is a must if you are in a colder climate. It lets you keep out of the wind, snow, and rain because of its full windshield, doors, and roof. You will find a UTV with an enclosed cab perfect for hunting excursions in winter or moving people around the job site when the rain is pouring. With this feature, you can use the UTV in all types of weather. As you check out for UTVS with this feature, you will find that some of them have luxury features like heated seats. These extras are meant to make you feel like you are driving a car instead of a UTV.

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