How to Wear Protective Ear Muffs Correctly

A lot of people wear earmuffs for different reasons. They might be using them to protect their ears from the cold, or they could be shooting a firearm and need some protection. Regardless of your reason for wearing earmuffs, there are a few things that you should know about how to correctly put them on so that you don’t get any surprises while out in the field!

How to wear them correctly:

-Make sure that you don’t have anything between your ear and the headband of the earmuffs. A lot of people like to wear hats while wearing their earmuffs. This is fine, but make sure not to put it over top of where they meet on your head; this will only decrease how well noise reduction works for you!

-When you put the earmuffs on, make sure that they are in front of your ears and not behind them. If this is done incorrectly, there will be a big gap between where the headband meets your head (this is called “behind the neck”) – which means sound can go right through to your ears with ease!

-Moreover, make sure that they are not too loose or too tight. If they’re either of these things, the sound will be able to get through and won’t adequately protect your ears!

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