Men vs Women: Who Styles Caps Better


Putting on a cap is in no way gender exclusive, in fact, caps on anyone help increase their style and makes them look classy. The prices and their availability make it easy for every one of us to rock this classic wardrobe staple.

Caps have been an important accessory for both males and females. After careful observation, we will notice that the cap has over so many years been and remained one of the main accessories for men and women around the world. Caps remain available in different styles, but in their truest form can be styled by either men or women.

It is typical for women’s caps to contain many bling and designs, distinctive colors, and intricate logos. Before understanding if any gender styles caps better than the other, there’s a need to talk about their differences.


In regards to size, a cap for a woman might not be as big as that of men. However, this doesn’t mean that size keeps you from having a cap because if you wish to make a fitted cap or don some patch hats, you can reach out to Ynot Lifestyle for something specific. Thereby making caps in desired styles and sizes available to both genders.


The most worn colors for caps for men are black, grey, tan, and white, and the most preferred for a good majority of women remains the colors blue, red, and pink.


Some experts say caps are made from different felt and other materials. Expensive caps could have quite the finessed manufacturing process, and are often known to be 100% soft material. In recent years, cap producers have used various measures to ensure that they produce some of the best quality products.

Although there is no easy answer to who styles a cap better between males and females, it’s obvious that there are a few ways they can be worn.

How to Wear a Cap

Styles of wearing a cap go a long way in showcasing someone’s personality, but regardless of the style chosen caps are an easy accessory to highlight an individual style. There are two very prominent styles that many choose.

  • Dad style cap

This type of cap has been in existence for a couple of years but got the name recently due to its popularity among older and wiser men. It showcases itself with a simple curved design and a faded look.

  • Sport cap style

The traditional sports cap was brought into the limelight by sporting events but that was way back over a century ago. Now we have no shortage of lightweight fabrics or the latest manufacturing processes to make the sportsmen of years back cry.

During summer, a sports cap is right up there with a beer, a picnic, and more. But it is more than just avoiding the sun. With a little flair and style, you can make a trip to the grocery store or on a date look effortless. Therefore, it becomes quite difficult to insinuate that one gender rocks cap better because there are a host of other factors that determine the eventual look.

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