Merits of buying leather shoulder holsters

The leather shoulder holsters are one of the most famous holsters people use to hang their guns. They started to become popular because of the progress in gun weights. As the guns started to get heavy, waist belts started to lose their shine and broke quite easily. It is the primary reason why people have started to buy leather shoulder holsters and use them instead of waist belts. They can be comfortable and stylish, along with custom-made designs.

It is one of the biggest advantages of having leather shoulder holsters, where one can move around freely with any weight downing one. One doesn’t need to worry about belt breaking or gun slipping, one can avoid all of them with leather shoulder holsters. Here are more merits of buying leather shoulder holsters.


Comfortable to wear

One of the most crucial merits of buying leather shoulder holsters is comfort. Many people buy leather shoulder holsters just because of the comfort and easiness. People who have a light weighted gun usually use waist belts but if one has a heavy gun, the leather shoulder holsters are the way to go. One won’t get any stress while holding it over the shoulder. It is the best holster when it comes to comfort, style and can easily help people to carry their heavy guns around.


The holsters have extra space for bullets and its magazine

The next best thing about buying leather shoulder holsters is that one doesn’t need to carry the bullets differently in the pocket if one has leather shoulder holsters. The holsters come with a separate section where one can put extra bullets or magazines in the holster without any problem. The best thing about it is that one doesn’t need to bring bullets.



Another crucial merit of buying leather shoulder holsters is that it is accessible anywhere. People who west these holsters don’t need to move around much to remove the guns out. If one had a shoulder holster, it is too easy to pull the gun. One can simply place the holster on the opposite side of the dominant arm and pull the gun out in a natural swing. This way, people don’t undergo any stress while moving the gun and can be quick in their reflexes. It can also be beneficial for long-term health problems of the shoulder.


Guns can be kept hidden.

Everyone knows that walking with a gun around in public can cause havoc and tension among people. It is not a good idea to hang a gun visible in public and walk. Therefore, the leather shoulder holsters can help one to hide the gun without anyone noticing it. One can even keep the leather shoulder holsters inside a jacket and put a gun inside it. This way, one can hide a gun in public and walk around without causing any panic or havoc among the citizens.

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